Are There Advantages to Dental Implants?

Dental Implant Services

Dental implants are currently the most advanced tooth replacement solutions, artificial teeth that mimic the entire tooth, not only the crown, but the deeper layers, such as the root, too. Most people who have lost one or multiple teeth, whose gums and jawbone have recovered after tooth loss, even those have not developed sufficient bone are suitable candidates for dental implants. Here are the advantages offered by the solution.

Dental Implants Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants are built in a way that they resemble natural teeth. The first phase of getting an implant consists of the placement of the implant’s body into the gum area from which the tooth is missing. The process is practically a small surgical intervention that is followed by a period of waiting that lasts for a couple of months. When the implant body becomes sufficiently surrounded with natural bone tissue (which means that the implant body is accepted by the body), the second part of the implant, the abutment is installed into the implant body. Another healing period follows and if everything goes well, the crown is mounted on the abutment and the process is complete.

The process might seem lengthy and complicated, but it is what gives dental implants their natural feel and look. Your dental implants Highland Park practitioners install stimulates the gum and the jaw bone to produce healthy, new bone tissue, so implants work every bit like strong and healthy natural teeth and modern technologies are also there to make sure that the artificial crown will integrate seamlessly with the other teeth in the row.

A Solution that Can Last for a Lifetime

While dental crowns and bridges can be expected to last for around 10 years, dental implants are permanent solutions that can last a lifetime. The body of the implant is made from titanium, the lightest, most durable metal used in medicine today. The abutment and the crown are also made using special materials and advanced technologies and the long installation process ensures durability as well.

Improved Health for the Surrounding Teeth as well as of the Gum and the Jaw

Dental implants being such resistant and durable artificial teeth, they prevent the teeth adjacent to what used to be the gap left behind by the lost tooth from shifting toward the gap. The stimulation provided by the implant body is also beneficial – without it, the jaw would sooner or later start losing valuable bone tissue.

Dental implants are beneficial for the gum as well. The gaps left by missing teeth are difficult to clean, therefore they act like traps for food particles and bacteria that can cause gum disease and inflammations in the affected area. Dental implants fill these gaps, making the area just as easy to clean as the rest of the teeth.

A Solution that Prevents Facial Sagging

The bone loss caused by lost teeth usually leads to a transformation of the face called sagging that can manifest in the form of new wrinkles around the mouth, a more pointed chin and thinner lips. The process can be efficiently halted or even reversed with dental implants.