Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

Should you purchase dental insurance? Is it any good or would you spend less on full payments of treatments when you need them? There is no clear cut answer for these questions. Instead, we will share with you various situations and points of view and you can make up your own mind.

What Can You Expect If You Hold Dental Insurance?

The problem with dental insurance is that each dentist or clinic has their own policy for accepting it. The second issue is that each type of insurance offers better coverage for a number of procedures and treatments and very little or none for others.

As you know, holding insurance means paying monthly premiums. If you enjoy good dental health, that may seem as wasted money. You only go for the bi-annual professional teeth cleaning and general check-up and pay out of the pocket for each visit to the dentist.

However, things are quite different for someone who has serious oral health issues, requiring ongoing treatment for cavities, damaged teeth or gum disease. Some patients need to see their dentist at least once per month. In this situation, it makes sense to have dental insurance.

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How Much Coverage Can You Expect from Dental Insurance?

There is no standard coverage limit applicable to all insurance companies. However, most insurers offer the following types of coverage:

  • 100% for routine preventive care and diagnostic (the two annual checkups);
  • 80% of basic services, such as root canals and dental fillings;
  • 50% of major procedures, such as braces, bridges and crowns.

However, you should keep in mind that the insurance will pay these amounts if they consider that the service/procedure is for medical, not cosmetic purposes. Thus, if you want braces to align your teeth, the insurance company may deem this procedure cosmetic, not medical, and refuse to pay.

What Kind of Dental Insurance Should You Get?

In some cases, you do not have a choice. If your employer offers insurance, you will have to go with the plan they support. The same thing is applicable for persons who belong to professional associations.

If you want to pay for your own dental insurance, you should approach the issue from the other end. That is, first of all find a dentist you trust and ask them what type of insurance they take.

If you do not afford to support dental insurance out of your pocket, you will have to find a dental clinic that accepts the policy provided by your employer.

What Is the Alternative to Dental Insurance?

Dentists know that their services are not properly covered by insurance. In order to stay in business and have a continuous flow of patients, many of them have created various payment plans for long-term patients.

For example, you can pay in installments for some expensive treatment. You will have to pay around 50% of the cost before the treatment, and the rest in staggered payments.

Other dentists have special offers and discounts for families, especially for children’s ongoing checkups. This is why it is a good idea to find a good dentist and stay loyal to their practice. Even if you don’t afford dental insurance, you will have various facilities to afford treatments.