About Us

If you have ever been in the position of trying to take care of yourself and the medicine your are receiving just doesn’t seem to work, then you may want to invest some time in finding what your options are for taking care of yourself.

There are so many examples where people find that a little bit of change on their part can help them with their medical issues. A friend of mine had very high blood pressure during the last months of her pregnancy. They delivered her healthy baby and she began to take a prescription to bring down her blood pressure. It was not working very well so they thought it would not hurt to try an essential oil. Voila, her blood pressure began to drop rapidly and she was able to stop taking the prescription.

These types of scenarios are not being told so that you ignore your doctors or fail to communicate what you are doing with the doctor. It’s just that sometimes there are options that can help you. Knowledge is king!

You can also learn more about your every day healthy options. You may not have a medical condition, but want to do all you can to feel as good as possible for as long as possible. This blog is meant to provide information that you an review and perhaps use to make yourself as healthy as possible.

So read on and let us know your thoughts and ideas. We love to learn too.