What Do Sleep Doctors Do and How Does a Sleep Study Really Work?

If you’re suffering from sleep disorders, your best choice is to go and see a sleep specialist near me. Using unique scientific methods and treatments, a sleep specialist is often able to identify, diagnose and treat a large variety of sleep conditions, from basic forms of insomnia to dangerous sleep apnea episodes that could lead to heart attacks or even sudden death.

Sleep specialists are also the only doctors with the medical training required to accurately diagnose rare sleep disorders such as various forms of hypersomnia that are not common for most people. Your reliance on a sleep doctor could help identify problems you never even thought you have, just basd on your sleeping habits and the results of a comprehensive sleep study.

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What Do Sleep Specialists Do?

A sleep specialist is a doctor who, aside from regular medical training, has also completed additional training and education pertaining to specific sleep-related knowledge and knowledge about how to identify and treat various sleep-related diseases.

Aside from sleep disorders, a good sleep doctor will also be able to tackle issues such as sleep-related conditions, risk factors and complications, such as the impairment of the respiratory system or the development of conditions like depression and anxiety, as well as serious health problems like heart disease and obesity, which can seriously hamper your progress when it comes to treating most sleep disorders.

Aside from all that, many sleep specialists are also in charge of organizing and managing sleep studies as well as researching the effects and risks associated with various sleep-related conditions. The field of parasomnia is especially important in this regard, as many conditions often aren’t diagnosed and treated in time, and the behavioral problems that ensue, such as teeth grinding, sleep walking and REM behavior disorder can be harder to treat once they are already an established part of the person’s life.

With disorders such as sleep apnea, a fast diagnose and treatment can be even more important, since the disease can lead to many potential complications, including sudden death resulting from a lack of oxygen. If you do feel you might have some of the symptoms of sleep apnea, it’s very important to contact a sleep doctor as soon as possible.

Taking Part in Sleep Studies

Sleep studies are the most significant and helpful tool that sleep doctors use to try to diagnose sleep disorders and come up with the proper treatment or remedy for whatever is wrong. A sleep study is essentially a non-invasive means of studying the patient’s responses during sleep.

During sleep studies, you are essentially asked to sleep in a room where you are hooked to an EEG monitor, which provides the doctor with insightful data about your REM and non-REM sleep cycles. The sleep study will also examine your eye movements and other physical responses, as well as your vital signs and oxygen levels.

With the help of a skilled sleep specialist near me, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find out exactly what the problem is and why you’re having trouble with your sleep.