The Cost of Braces and Related Concerns – Insurance, Quality and Dependability

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When it comes to dentistry, the cost of braces is one of the most important things patients should consider before going to see an orthodontist. Braces can be extremely helpful and useful, depending on precisely what you need them for. However, the cost can be rather high for some types of braces, while others will only require a limited expense.

So how much should you expect to spend on braces? The truth is that the amount differs in each case. While the cost of some types of braces can be as low as $3,000, others are much more expensive, making it difficult to select a viable insurance plan that could cover them.

Insurance and Braces – What You Need to Know

Does your dental insurance plan cover the braces you want to buy? In most cases, the answer to this is either “no” or “partially,” however, depending on the plan, some type of coverage usually applies to the use of braces.

According to experts, the main idea relating to the cost of braces and their relationship with dental insurance is that you have to ask your provider. Some insurers will not pay for orthodontic treatments for patients who have exceeded the age of 18, however this isn’t necessarily a rule. Also, while there are health plans that don’t include orthodontics at all, they will still allow you the option of paying for supplemental coverage to gain partial coverage for buying new braces.

When considering working together with a new insurance company, it’s important to ask about the percentage they cover and the lifetime maximum. In many cases, the figures will include a 50% cover with a lifetime maximum of about $1,500 for children below the age of 18.

The Ultimate Cost of High Quality Braces

So, what do the costs of good quality braces depend on? Most dentists can tell you that the true factors include your location, the orthodontist’s preference and the material used for manufacturing the braces. In most cases you’ll fin the following figures apply:

  • Traditional, metal braces are considered to be the least expensive at prices ranging between $3,000 and $7,000.
  • If you want a little added quality, you can opt for ceramic braces with costs only slightly higher, at $4,000 to $8,000.
  • Lingual braces are the most expensive type, sometimes reaching prices of up to $10,000.
  • Finally, if you want the best quality at an overall balanced price, you can opt for Invisalign or similar transparent aligners. They will cost you anything between $4,000 and $7,500.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the fact that sometimes braces can be tax deductible. Since they don’t fall in the same category of cosmetic treatment as teeth whitening, braces have a very real medical significance which makes them tax deductible over a certain amount. Experts will tell you that the precise amount is 7.5% of line 37 found on form 1040 – or your gross income. Considering this fact, the cost of braces will be much more appealing, especially if you’re on a budget and every amount you save matters.

Consult with an orthodontist Littleton CO expert to discuss your needs, budget, and possible expenses.