Get Informed About Senior Care 2018 – The Difference Between Original and Medicare Advantage

Anyone interested in Medicare plans will be able to benefit from knowing the difference between Original and Colorado medicare advantage plans and being aware of what types of Medicare plans they can gain access to through each of these options.


Although Original Medicare is considered to be sufficient for some, Medicare Advantage can provide far more options, and may give you the kind of support you’ve always wanted when it comes to cutting down on healthcare costs.


Original vs. Medicare Advantage


You’ve probably already heard all about Original Medicare, which consists of the first two parts of Medicare – Part A and Part B. However, did you know that Medicare Advantage can give you the same options and coverage solutions along with much more?


Aside from the premium costs involved, which involve Medicare Part A and B usually being more affordable, the superior retirement communities in Denver can help you planextra benefits you get from Medicare Advantage far outweigh the added expenses. Here are just a few of the important healthcare related benefits you will gain when opting for Advantage plans in Colorado:


  • Aside from the standard hospital and medical costs covered by Part A and B, Medicare Advantage also brings you additional dental and prescription drug coverage.
  • There is a maximum out-of-pocket expense cap involved with Medicare Advantage plans. This means that, unlike in the case of Original Medicare, if you require medical costs that exceed a certain value, the insurer will provide you with the complete amount instead of just an established percentage.
  • Original plans rarely cover expenses you’d need help with when you leave the country, even in case of emergencies. With Medicare Advantage, however, you can often get advantageous support with emergencies and large lifetime maximum amounts that will keep you feeling at ease when you leave the United States’ borders.
  • The amount you’d normally have to cover with Advantage plans in Colorado is fixed. This is not the case with Part A and B, which will require you to support a percentage of the total costs of your medical or hospitalization services.


HMO, PPO and More – Types of Plans for Colorado


If you’ve been researching Medicare for a while, you probably heard of the acronyms HMO, PPO, PFFS and POS. These common abbreviations are used to refer to specific types of Medicare plans that you will need to learn more about before making your decision about the best plan you could choose.


HMO (health maintenance organization) plans usually give you a primary care physician who will coordinate your medical care and refer you to a trusted network doctors. With POS (point of service) plans you can also see doctors outside your designated network, while PFFS (private fee for service) plans ensure that you pay less for healthcare and medical services. Finally, with PPO you get a more flexible coverage plan that allows you full access to doctors outside your network, although you pay less when you choose health services within your network. Folks who are in a Denver assisted living facility often can get help from professional service connections offered in their senior living community.


With Colorado Medicare plans you get an impressive variety when it comes to the coverage options involved, and you can always rely on local healthcare providers and medical professionals to bring you the best services and lowest costs available.